Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Do you feel it my sisters?

I feel it, the pulse beat that calls to our kind, the distant throbbing more felt than heard, it calls us. It is our time.

We have hidden from the eyes of man for longer than the oldest tales, becoming legends and myths and we have waited.

I alone remember the coming of men, I alone knew that they were our doom, that they would hunt us, kill us. It was foretold in the stars. I alone knew that we would have to hide in the deep places of the world, watching for all these millennia, biding our time. I have watched this race of man spread over the earth creating and destroying. Never in my long memory of the worlds have I seen their like, capable of such beauty and such hideous cruelty.

But now, now they are a spent race, they have killed the world and it is our time again. I rejoice and mourn in this, rejoice because I feel the cry of the murdered world and know that at last it is our time. Mourn because the race of man is about to die.

Come my daughters, awake!!

We have much to do, we were created for this purpose, stretch your wings and fly with me, celebrate our task for it is more than a task, it is a sacred duty given to us and us alone.

Our Mother Goddess came to me in a dream and I know now why we were made to stay on this world, this once green and glorious place. We are here to bear witness, to observe and to record, to spread the tale of this murdered planet to the stars, to warn, to teach, to destroy.

Come my sister daughters, it is our time, once again this world will see the flight of the dragon and know fear, for fear is what they deserve. We must finish our task quickly and fly between the stars, spreading the story of how a race was giving a beautiful planet and how they ruined it, how they bickered and fought and made war on each other. How they stood by and watched whilst children starved. How they grubbed in the earth for worthless stones. How they sold their very souls for worthless trinkets. How they thought themselves superior. Mankind will be an object lesson.

It is our time. Destroyers we are but for a greater good, this once beautiful, vibrant planet has earned a period of rest, earned a chance to renew herself.

Come my sisters, we have work to do.


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very stirring, shez.........thank you

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