Friday, February 24, 2006


Demons exist you know, I've seen them. Oh I know what you're thinking, you think I'm nuts, crazy, one beer short of a six pack. I expect that, I'm used to it but listen, demons exist.

How do I know? Easy, I've seen them, they walk among us unseen, wreaking havoc. Those humans?, the ones that we call evil men? Not really men, they were once but they made a pact, not with the devil, but with a demon. These demons, they are smart, not like they are portrayed in the movies. They can trick and cajole and promise and sometimes they even keep their promises. The problem isn't the demons then, but with what we want, we always ask for the same thing, it's so predictable, we ask for fame, power, good looks. Nobody asks for something unselfish, something to help others. If just one person did that the demonkind would be helpless, but no, we think only of ourselves.

That's the irony, demons too want redemption and they have been seeking it for thousands of years. All it would take is one selfless wish, just one person to ask for one thing without thinking of themselves but demonkind are drawn to the selfish, like calls to like.

I know what your next question is going to be, How do I know all this? I'll tell you, I've been studying demons since I took my vows. When I was a young woman I entered a convent, I found that the secluded life wasn't really for me but I still felt the calling. I left, unsure what to do with my life when I saw my first demon. It looked directly at me. I was chilled to the bone but in that moment, I knew what my lifes work would be. I scoured libraries and when they didn't yield much I turned to the internet. I found some useful information there but my greatest source was the religious community. I started by questioning nuns who always referred me to the parish priest. It wasn't long before word got out and I was approached by a man who said he had useful information.

We arranged to meet and to my surprise I taken before a group of men I recognised from television, all were religious leaders and all represented different faiths. I was told that I would be given every resource at their disposal to aid my quest. The reasons were explained to me, I had a gift, there are others with this gift and they too are seeking answers. I took the vows willingly and set to work, I read all the diaries and notes that previous seekers had left and started my own diary.

Then I spoke to a demon, it was one of the most frightening experiences of my life. We talked at length, me and the demon, it told me what was needed. Once again I was struck by the irony, for by telling me about redemption, it had made it impossible for me to be of any help. I would not be able to ask for my hearts desire without that small doubt, the small voice in the back of my head asking if what I wanted was real or a way to rid the world of the demons. I have condemned you too, but with good cause. I want all who read this to search their memories, think hard and try to find one person, that one person who someone must know, that one person who is selfless, who cares for others over themselves. This is the person we must find. If you know this person, do not talk to them but contact me immediately, for this person will be the saviour of demonkind.

And if you ask why should the demon realm be saved, look around you, look at the horrors that infect our world.


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