Saturday, February 11, 2006


Whilst trivving one Saturday afternoon, a nameless person named Kev asked if I do requests and suggested spiders.

I didn't take it too seriously as I know virtually nothing about spiders apart from the fact that they have lots of eyes and and way to many legs. But then I got to this is my short tale for Kev the spider lover.

I like being a spider, it's a good life, lots to eat, no real worries as such and as a bonus, I get to scare people. I never really understood why humans are terrified of us, I mean we are a lot smaller than them, one well placed boot and we are squish city. I guess its sort of compensation, they hold the power to throw books and stuff at us, so we get to scare them. I've got a sweet deal at the moment, I've moved into a place where the human isn't bothered about me. He just ignores me and I keep his flat free of flies and other lower life forms. Least I can do really, it makes a change from dodging missiles.

I found out he was moving soon, I'm not to happy about this, I've just got my web the way I want it, took me ages to get it just right, I'm fussy even by spider standards apparently. It's a nice web...lovely and symmetrical. I really don't want to have to move when my human leaves but if the next lot are not as nice as him I may have to.

I've just had an idea, if my human moves maybe I could move with him, I've always fancied the idea of travel, but as a spider the opportunity doesn't occur too often. Yes, that's it, I'll go with him, he's started packing, so all I have to do is find a small corner in one of his crates and I'll be away. I don't think he'll mind, after all, I do keep his home fly free.

I wonder where I'm moving to.


Blogger lime said...

love the spider voice! very creative. youreally need to post more often, shez darling

8:58 PM  

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