Sunday, November 12, 2006

12 November

Ok...after my last rather hysterical blog...things have moved on apace...I got a phone call from a nurse at the hospital saying that the surgeon who was going to operate on me had opened up a day and she was phoning all his 'ladies' to see whether they wanted their surgery brought forward...I immediately said yes as the thought of waiting was weighing me down quite heavily. So on 1 November I was admitted into hospital and had my boob removed. No biggy really...I was given one of those god awful hospital gowns....a lot of people came to see me (anaestheologist...recovery nurse etc) and two docs in training..nice girls both of them...they asked if I mined if they asked me some questions..which I didn't and they also had a feel of the cancer mass...I joked that my boob hadn't received this much attention in years! They asked how I felt about having the mastectomy and I replied truthfully that is really didn't bother me that much....I'd rather lose a boob than my life. My mum and my hubby were there for moral's been hard for both of them but they have both been towers of strenghth. I wasn't allowed to eat or drink anything and my stomach was making some rather perculiar noises.

About 5 hours after I was admitted I was taken to the operating theatre...I had to walk...which surprised me somewhat...I assumed I'd either be wheeled there in a bed or a chair..but thinking on it...there was no reason why I shouldn't walk. Once again they confirmed who I was and then was taken to a small side room where I lay down on a bed and various needles and moniters were attached or stuck in me. The anaesthetist injected me with something that 'would make me a bit sleepy' and I remember distinctly saying 'whoa' about a minute after she had. Next thing I remember was waking up in the recovery ward and asking what the time was...anaesthetic plays havoc with my time sense. A while later I was wheeled up to the ward and there was my hubby and my mum, still waiting for me. I drifted in and out of conciousness for the rest of the day and when I came too a bit more, the surgeon came to see me again...checked I was ok and said the op had gone well.

I'll write a bit more tomorrow as I'm tired now!


Blogger lime said...

shezzy, obviously it's been a while since i checked your blog. sorry about that. and awfully sorry to hear about your diagnosis. i am glad the surgery went well...i totally empathise with the whoel hating anesthetic thing....i can' tstand it at all.

hoping for the very best news, that they got it all, no spreading and that you are on you way to wellness.

1:31 AM  
Anonymous Andrea Ward-Eversley said...

I am Andrea, Sherri's Mum.
Sherri survived the mastectomy, the chemotherapy, went back to work. Didn't feel to good. The Cancer had attacked her bone marrow. There was no cure.
Sherri admitted herself to the hospice and passed away on the 22nd July 2008.Visit

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