Tuesday, June 06, 2006

21 March - 20 April
Characteristics: Energetic, Impulsive, Quick Tempered, Selfish
Hiya, just thought I'd pop in for a visit, I'm Aries, you know, the Ram. Pleased to meet you, hope you don't mind, I was in the area.
How am I? Well, not bad, could be better I guess, it gets a bit boring just staying in one place and not being able to move far, I was going to and pay Cassiopeia a visit, but Taurus said it wasn't allowed. Damn he can be so bullish at times. So what if I moved for a couple of hundred years?
Anyone would thing the universe would end if I moved even an inch for long, did I ask for this gig? No, I was just stuck up there without so much as a 'by your leave!' If ever I found out who decided what my job was, I'll, I'll ram him!!
Most of the others are so serious, except Libra, you can never tell what he's thinking, he just sits there and well...balances...He's so even tempered it's sickening. Sagittarius is no better, all I did was borrow a couple of her arrows, from the fuss she made you think I'd pinched her sacred butt. I was going to give the back to her but I think I'll give them to Orion instead, at least he can have a laugh.
I've had my eye on Cassiopeia for a while, I think she's really hot, that's why I wanted to get a little closer but as usual I had a huge lecture from Taurus, Pisces and Virgo. I hate Virgo, she's so damned pompous, no wonder she's still a virgin, who'd put up with her nagging??
Anyway, I'd better go, I think I'll go and tease Capricorn for a while, he's way to sensible for his own good.
Oh, hope you don't mind but I told the others that you were open for visitors. Didn't think you'd mind, a word of warning though, when Taurus drops by, make sure you hide the china!!


Blogger lime said...

as a libra i've weighed this decision out very carefully, i say go for it.

7:10 PM  

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